Memetic Mutations

The young upwardly mobile junta in India has renewed old traditions especially a large class of youngsters who are:

* Graduates (or about to be)
* Can spout English
* Are Mathematically Able(If 3rd side of a triangle is 4th power of the factorial of 1st two, then How many legs does an average cow has?)
* Can Dream (Suits, Salary and Job to kill for)

If the 1st criterion is not yet resolved they are seen in dingy hostel rooms else in swanky clothes serving time in an organization which is committed to collaboratively enhance corporate opportunities to exceed customer expectations (Link).

The reader by now must have guessed it is the annual pilgrimage of MBA aspirants – The CAT yatra. Like a secret cult they have secret code words: GD, PI, Vocab, Quant, LR which people of the inner chambers know. When a member meets another one the password is “Tayyari kaisi chal rahi hai” or “Kaisa hua” replied by an encoded rant which only their ilk can decode.

“Lag gayi yaar”
“XYZ to phod raha hai”
“Uske itne aye, tere kitne aye”
“Is baar kitna solve kiya”
“Ye speed wala thha”
“Isme accuracy chahiye thhee”

Obviously how can the pilgrimage be without brief sojourns like T.I.M.E. or P.T. and numerous other coaching centers which assure the darshan. Through rigorous mediation and regular players held weekly en mass they cleanse their souls. Those who have faith and determination, the purest of the pure get moksha, nirvana, bliss and those who don’t well “Baba bade dayalu hain

5 Responses to “Memetic Mutations”

  1. 1 Atishay
    2008/02/11 at 12:30 pm

    Should T.I.M.E. not provide a TIMEmachine which would take people in future and tell how horrid can life become after MBA or after not getting into it.

  2. 2 Sandy
    2008/02/11 at 4:25 pm

    @ATISHAY: Even I have been listening to people lately about life after MBA. If this is true that life after MBA from a reputed institute is more miserable than a coder’s job, who is getting more or less same salary(thanks to some jumps), then why do more than two lakh people sit in CAT.

  3. 3 desh
    2008/02/13 at 11:04 am

    all the cat thng is damn stupidkisi ka koi dharma imaan na hai, sab gandagi main haianyway i too spout some of them, but not as much as othersu missed a killer one thgh,kuch aaya jholi main 😉

  4. 4 TheQuark
    2008/02/13 at 11:10 am

    @atishay: Actually it is indeed a time machine but the ignoramus can not handle it when the arrow of time is fiddled with. It shows signs and indication but people refuse to see.@Sandeep: Well generic statements like an MBA would do wonders for you (just like Botox etc) do no hold true always. An MBA opens up opportunities and newer avenues for you. It is up to you to make best of them.@Desh: Basically we Indians love hoards, bazar, bhasad which at times tantamount to herd mentality for life decisions.Well that was a killer one but it was an out lier in the statistics as it is a specific somebody’s dialog

  5. 5 TheQuark
    2008/02/13 at 11:12 am

    @All: If you watch Vastav closely then sanzu baba’s mom gives a dialog:”Ye inki galti nahi hai, humare bachchon ko udne ko akash hi nahi mila”(Or something of this sort). Mull over that

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