Rocket in Pocket: Or why Rocket Singh Disappointed Me

Having heard excellent views from many fraands and movie reviewers I finally did watch Rocket Singh. I have been quite selective in watching new Hindi cinema releases these days. Gone are the days when I would visit Rajshree in Gandhinagar for the pure bliss known as Jani Dusman: Ek Anokhi Prem Katha or had stamina to watch Sonu Nigam’s thriller suspense Love in Nepal. Gone are the days when I would eagerly go for a mind bending experience known as The Hero: Love Story of a spy or how to kill a man by plumbing a nuclear dravya filled test tube inside evil forener.

Rocket Singh was indeed a massive let down for me. First of all there was no Punjabi number with a healthy dose of Soniye, Manmoniye, Baliye, Mahiye sprinkled all over it. Seriously a movie with a Sardar protagonist and no Punjabi number! You gots to be kiddin me. No stereotypes! No making of tandoor-shandoor, lassi wassi or chak-de-phatte moments.

Secondly there were no grand speeches like Chak De India’s 70 minutes (Hawww even Coelho Kaka takes 11 minutes). I mean there has to be a rousing speech by the hero about fate, destiny towards the end of which people get excited like a lynch mob and do the undoable, Baaliwood ishtyle.

Most importantly there was no revolutionary step taken by the hero like pissing on the carpet of enemy by devGUN like Halla Bol and no magical hugs by apun ka Sanju bawa (which has been the biggest factor in the spread of swine flu epidemic, FYI).

What kind of a movie it is when all the characters have a significant role! A hero has to stand out from rest of the crowd from area occupied on the screen to lines in the total script. Don’t you think this kind of cinema is threatening. What shall happen of the likes of Johhny Catch-My-Lever, Anupam Kher, Tikku Talsania? Who shall do slapstick comedy or play small so hero could look big?

No plot diversions like the hero teleports to Swiss Vaadiyan, does a quickie dreamy song and comes back in a jiffy. Or better the frustrated hero decides to visit a bar where Payal Rohatgi or Mumait Khan is indulging in burlesque dancing of the highest order which has some deep rooted philosophy in it, like Aa khushi se khudkashi kar le, Love mera HIT HIT mat kar khitpit khitpit. Where would the item grlz go?

No back stories of revenge or past mishappenings? The grandfather dude was humiliated as a salesman in the past so he doesn’t want his puttar to face the same fate. There you go fill another half an hour with Daddu’s story.

I say Dhawans, KJos, Ghais should unite and raise their voices against such a pathetic movie. No one should be allowed even 100m close to the cinema playing it, it is dangerous for people’s mind no! They could get easily weaned from all the junk that is being peddled around.

10 Responses to “Rocket in Pocket: Or why Rocket Singh Disappointed Me”

  1. 1 Kapil Barve
    2009/12/25 at 10:27 am

    Subhash ghai ke to din vaise hi chale gaye hai ab ;)hmmm matlab movie dekhne layak hai

  2. 2 TheQuark
    2009/12/25 at 10:46 am

    Ama koi bharosa nahi hai, David D and Gobhinda did it with Partner. May be Ghai and Jackie Shroff do a cum-back

  3. 3 Sandy
    2009/12/25 at 11:52 am

    Bollywood seems to be maturing.

  4. 4 S.M
    2009/12/26 at 2:27 pm

    acchi baat hai thoda different kar rahe hai bollywood wale…but this movie was real sir-dard…and wat's with lead actress's Maggi obsession?

  5. 5 TheQuark
    2009/12/26 at 5:49 pm

    @Sandy: Yes man, such movies are not only made but appreciated also, so I times they are changing@S.M.: What!! Sir-Dard? What for a maggi obsession!! What was screen time/space occupied by that? Wasn't it a sir-dard when leading lady failed ro recognize her husband in different garb in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi?I think forcing people to think can give them head ache, it is a withdrawal symptom.

  6. 6 S.M
    2009/12/26 at 6:08 pm

    ha ha…u watched rab ne bana di jodi…trailer dekhna itself was a major task :D…as far as rocket singh goes…there was nothing 2 think abt..story was simple and ppl can relate to it bcoz every once in a while ppl go thru this kind of introspection..only thing tht was standing out in the movie was that it looked real..i mean plastic glasses in the party..music played on laptop etc..ya ya ppl eating Maggi 2 :P..but nothing path breaking…

  7. 7 TheQuark
    2009/12/26 at 6:29 pm

    @SM: Nope, didn't watch it, got the gist from Vishwasneey Sutron. Did you notice his expression when he gets humiliated by his boss? That was superb acting, he emoted so well with just his face.For me finding a story to say and saying it well in every day life while still being in every day life is path breaking. Something I loved in Barah Ana. Something that was done in Hrishida's, Basuda's movies

  8. 8 S.M
    2009/12/27 at 10:26 am

    yes..acting was good…even that tech guy was good…but i didn't like Ghajini too..now Aamir is far greater an actor than Ranbir..I can not put a finger to wat makes a movie gr8 or boring..but when i come out of theater the least i expect is I do not get a headache bcoz of the movie…cmo'n don't compare this with Hrishida's movies…those movies were class apart…but still they were relatively simple as compared to other movies..as in hero doesn't get up after whole magazine of bullets are fired on him..no punarjanam..no hopeless romanticism,no macho-ism…but absolutely speaking even in those movies scenes/stories were exaggerated( n i think this is an important aspect of movie making,who wants 2 watch what u c/do in real life)…but the scene backgrounds,dialogues etc were delivered in a simple regular way..and that created the difference…hv not watched Barah Ana..will watch it some time…

  9. 9 VM
    2009/12/29 at 2:08 pm

    well….movie was really good…but who ll cater the poor NRI crowd now…if YRF makes these kind of movie….no peele dupatte in sarson ke khetton mein…sigh

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