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The Mint to kick you in the face


Vaataavaran, Bhasha aur Vichaar

Random Trivia:
I am yet to see a versatile actor of such great caliber and fine diction as Utpal Dutt. After having watched Gol Mal umpteenth time with Desi, some of which included French wine induced dialog karaokes and in depth trivia (such as the Dahi Vada proposition by Bindiya Goswami’s lady friend but that is for some other post) my brain immediately caught the (almost) same dialog uttered by Utpal Dutt in Naram Garam:

Jaisa pavitr vaataavaran, vaise pavitr bhasha, vaise pavitr vichaar, aapke pavitr kahaan hain, aa..aa..a…apke pita kahaan hain [in Naram Garam]

Jaisa pavitr ghar ka vaataavaran, vaise pavitr bhasha, vaise pavitr vichaar, aapki pavitr kaisi hain, aa..aa..a…apki tabiyat kaisi hai [in Gol Maal]

It is his dialog delivery and superb timing that these situational comedies have become timeless.


Ajay Devgan: thaaN thaaN se thaaN thaaN tak

Interesting trivia, Ajay Devgan has been in two songs which have ठां in them! Yes from ‘duniya di thaaN thaaN thaaN’

To ‘thaaN thaaN karke’

वो हिंदी में कहते हैं न : ढाक के तीन पात


The Dude, The Dame and Their Equine Fascination

Guess which song is the following cinema scene from and win:
Prize: Jumping Jack Jitendra’s white shoes

dude, dame and underbelly of the horse

If you face problems in identifying them look at another shot:

Hero, Heroine and a dozen dancers

Hint: Psssst, the old chocolate lover boy is watching them and getting green with envy:


Amitabh, Umbrella and Who?

Identify the song, movie and the actress with Amitabh.

Prize: Free pass to watch Dev Anand relentlessly bob his head.

Note: This one is quite simple. Just identify the song and everything else is a give away.


Who’s desktop is it anyways?

Guess lyrics of the song hidden in this innocuous Microsoft Outlook meeting request and win Mahesh Bhatt’s DVD player (the one which converts DVDs of foreign flicks into Hindi cinema inspirational movies).

[Click to Enlarge]
Who's desktop is it anyways?

[Comments would be displayed after some time to enable every reader to have a chance at the prize. Early bird gets nothing as all worms are damned asleep]


Gulzar and his dhuan

Gulzar is one of the best lyricist of our times. From ‘Mora Gora Ang Lay Le‘ to ‘Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji‘, Gulzar has covered an amazing range of emotions with such poignancy. A single post can not do justice to his body of work so what I want to highlight is his metaphor for ‘Dhuan’. Poetry of any genre or era carries some common metaphors like Parwaanaa (Moth) in Shayari. Despite his single-minded yearning for Shamaa (Candle) it is his fate to die when united with her.

Poets have used metaphor of Smoke to signify symptoms of a burning fire within. For longing or unrequited love or. Like Meer said:

Dekh to dil ke jaan se uthataa hai
Ye Dhuaan sa kahaan se uthataa hai

Or have a look at following lines where Kaifi Azmi’s uses smoke literally to evoke other emotions:

Main dhoondta hoon jise wo jahaan nahi milta
nayi zameen nayaa asmaan nahi miltaa

Vo mera gaanv hai vo mere gaanv ke choolhe
ki jin mein shole to shole dhuaan naheen miltaa

But Gulzar has used Dhuaan totally differently in few of his works. He wants to express the feeling when you want to cry but no tears come out of your eyes. You might well up but no tears roll down your cheek. As if smoke has stung your eyes, literally. The shift is from a burning sensation within or real burning to the physical act of experiencing the affects of it; yourself. Case in point, his evergreen song of loneliness and urbanization from movie Gharonda:

Ek akela is shehar mein shaam ko aur dopahar mein
Aab-o-daanaa dhoondta hai, ashiyana dhoondta hai
[aab = water, daana = seed (literally) aab-o-daana = subsistence]

Din khali khali bartan hai aur raat hai jaise andha kuan
In sooni andheri aankhon se aansoon ki jagah aata hai Dhuaan
Jeene ki vajah to koi nahi marne ka bahaanaa dhoondta hai

Can any one forget Maraasim, his collaboration with Jagjit Singh. Each ghazal from it is golden and so evocative. He used the word has radeef (the last rhyming word) in one of the ghazals.

Aankhon mein jal raha hai kyun bujhta nahi dhuaan
Uthta to hai ghata sa barasta nahi dhuaan

Or for that matter his sensual lyrics from Dil Se:

Jiya jale jaan jale
Nainon tale dhuaan chale dhuaan chale

No wonder his prize winning collection of Urdu short stories was titled Dhuaan!

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