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Random Trivia

Which movie had the same actress giving voice over for Amitabh Bachchan’s characters’ wife, wife, mother, daughter in law. Name the movie too.

Prize: Amitabh’s prized horse Baadal from his epic movie Mard.


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Typing wife two times is not a typographical error.


Vaataavaran, Bhasha aur Vichaar

Random Trivia:
I am yet to see a versatile actor of such great caliber and fine diction as Utpal Dutt. After having watched Gol Mal umpteenth time with Desi, some of which included French wine induced dialog karaokes and in depth trivia (such as the Dahi Vada proposition by Bindiya Goswami’s lady friend but that is for some other post) my brain immediately caught the (almost) same dialog uttered by Utpal Dutt in Naram Garam:

Jaisa pavitr vaataavaran, vaise pavitr bhasha, vaise pavitr vichaar, aapke pavitr kahaan hain, aa..aa..a…apke pita kahaan hain [in Naram Garam]

Jaisa pavitr ghar ka vaataavaran, vaise pavitr bhasha, vaise pavitr vichaar, aapki pavitr kaisi hain, aa..aa..a…apki tabiyat kaisi hai [in Gol Maal]

It is his dialog delivery and superb timing that these situational comedies have become timeless.


Ajay Devgan: thaaN thaaN se thaaN thaaN tak

Interesting trivia, Ajay Devgan has been in two songs which have ठां in them! Yes from ‘duniya di thaaN thaaN thaaN’

To ‘thaaN thaaN karke’

वो हिंदी में कहते हैं न : ढाक के तीन पात

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