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A long forgotten movie

Just something that popped into my mind so I made this one, I really do not know if people would have even seen the movie, surely some of the readers would have definitely heard of the name.


Prize: Anil Kapoor’s Piano from Meri Jung: anil_kapoor_piano


From Now onwards you can find some hints in the alternate text to the file image. That is the text displayed if you move your mouse over the image (without clicking)


Who’s desktop is it anyways?

Guess lyrics of the song hidden in this innocuous Microsoft Outlook meeting request and win Mahesh Bhatt’s DVD player (the one which converts DVDs of foreign flicks into Hindi cinema inspirational movies).

[Click to Enlarge]
Who's desktop is it anyways?

[Comments would be displayed after some time to enable every reader to have a chance at the prize. Early bird gets nothing as all worms are damned asleep]


Avatar Grill

Will the real Avatar pliss stand up, pliss stand up.


SlumDog vs SlumGod

Jamaal tries to be Vijay stretched over time 😉


कहानी तीन कुक्कुर की

तो कुत्तों से हमारी fascination तो आप लोग अछे से जानते ही हैं | अब वो चाहे zurichpur के कुत्ते हो या फिर हिंदी सनीमा के | मित्र कपिल, नीरज और पारित के साथ बात चल रही थी अपनी मधुर माधुरी की मूवी ‘हम आपके हैं कौन’ की और बातों बातों में बात निकल आई उसमे दिखाए गए समझदार कुत्ते Tuffy की | तो देखने वाली बात ये है की आम ज़िन्दगी में तो कुत्ता इंसान का सबसे वफादार दोस्त है ही पर उसने फिल्मों में भी उसका साथ न छोड़ा | फिलहाल तो हमारे ज़ेहन में ३ कुत्ते आ रहे हैं तो लीजिये उनकी खूबियाँ :

Hutch वाला Pug: जो आपके अकेले बच्चे के सच्चा साथी बनेगा | खेलेगे, कूदेगा, लार लगा के envelope में stamp चिपकाने में मदद तो करेगा और tie छूट जाये तो वो भी ले आयेगा | ये सब तो ठीक है पर सड़ीमति मनेका गाँधी कहाँ थी जब Pug घुंघरू बांध मीरा नाची थी ?

हम आपके हैं कौन का Tuffy: Dog with Artificial Intelligence वही जो सबके मन की बात समझे लेता था और cricket expert भी था | जी हाँ जब करण जौहर अपनी “कुछ कुछ होता है” और “roadside romeo” की mixed veg “कूची कूची होता है” बना सकते हैं तो फिर सूरज बडजात्या पीछे क्यूँ रहे? उनको भी एक मूवी ठोंक देनी चाहिए – “हम आपके साथ साथ हैं कौन -एक विवाह”, जिसमे Tuffyपुत्र न सिर्फ cricket का स्कोर रखता है बल्कि यशपाल, मनिंदर से अछी commentary भी कर लेता है |

तेरी मेहेर्बानियाँ: हिंदी सनीमा में कुत्तों की बात छिड़े और इस महान महान मूवी के महान महारथी मोती की बात न छिड़े, घोर अन्याय होगा | यदि आप हिंदी फिल्म के हीरो होते हुए भी अपना बदला खुद न ले सके तो कोई नहीं एक कुत्ता ऐसा तो पाल लें जो आपकी तरफ से बदला ले ले | वैसे तो अभिषेक के पापा की भी एक मूवी आई थी मर्द (मर्द को कभी दर्द नहीं होता) | अरे वही वाली जिसमे दारा सिंह अपने नवजात शिशु की छाती पे bold, 36pt font में देवनागरी में लिख देते हैं मर्द! उसमे भी एक महान कुत्ता था जो तैर कर डूबते को बचा लेता था और अपना पंजा मूंह में लेकर सीटी भी बजा लेता था! पर तेरी मेहरबानियाँ वाले मोती का कोई तोड़ नहीं|


My Name is Quark

For a change I quite liked Karan Johar’s de-Punjabification in My Name is Khan. Having learned beforehand about depiction of a person with Asperger Syndrome I waited for hamming like Black but found none. Rizwan’s interaction with his family and rest of the world was done well. Not for a moment harking on rest of the world’s cruelty to emphasize his suffering but letting us peek in Rizwan’s persona bit by bit. His disconnect with rest of the world was indeed touching and humorous at times. For me the movie as a work of craft went down the drains after Mandira lambasted Rizwan for her child’s death. Well there are more things in cinema (esp. Indian cinema) dear Blogger than are dreamt of in your philosophy. This is neither a movie review nor a piece of satire hitting at suspensions of belief. In fact I would like to take flights of fancies seriously. As I claimed for 3 idiots, popular filmmakers are pop psychologists more than craftsmen.

Protagonist in Hindi cinema have to come out of their skin and become a superhero and that is why movies like Rocket Singh, Shwaas stay in fringe and 3 Idiots, MNIK are blockbuster hits. An entire subcontinent can not rejoice in banalities of the characters. There has to be a transgression not a mere culmination. Greater the transgression, greater the accolades. Jamal Malik, a Muslim slum dog has to win the competition and not only but defy all odds to show weight of his transgression from slum to call center to millionaire. (I liked the movie for its democratization of slum as a knowledge society)

We had popular superhero comics so late in India probably because Amitabh Bachchan could eat a thousand bullets and still manage to save family, kill the villain and probably visit market to procure Aloo, Bhindi in between. Indian heroes were and are generalist specialists unlike Batman or Spiderman who have to take it as a full-time career. Unlike superheroes of occidental imagination which had their reality grounded within the comic (Clark Kent the reality of Superman, Bruce Wayne for Batman and Peter Parker as SpiderMan), Indian super-heroes had their imagined reality grounded outside cinema. Amitabh Bachchan, the Angry Young Man, savior of poor would reincarnate in different roles as Vijay and Shah Rukh Khan as the emotional, dripped in family values Rahul. An undiscerning eye would add tags like ‘playing himself’, ‘creating an image’, a mantle which Shah Rukh has taken from Amitabh Bachchan. Whereas Amitabh took a decade of pathetic movies and a game show to change this ‘persona’ Shah Rukh did not take that much time to veer away from dark hero roles (which carried misnomer of anti Hero) at the apt time. And MNIK might prove to be another switch.

As a ‘socially relevant’ movie it offers its own solution to popular fears. RDB promoted vigilantism, 3 Idiots found it in search for excellence, Munnabhai in Gandhigiri. MNIK tries to find solution of the terrorism within the Security Nation State, a state where social contract between nation and its citizen relies heavily on security. The movie roots on innocence, innocence of Rizwan who can not understand small talk or guile of smart people. Towards the end the innocence turns into itself and becomes a caricature. His innocence is used as a façade to prove his actions. It would be hard to imagine a suave, romantic, smart “Rahul” to go at lengths to convince the nation he is not a terrorist to get back his love, so let’s make him have a mental condition. The moment he gets kicked out of his house, the character of Rizwan Khan becomes Tulsidas without the renunciation and the movie fails to be a story.


Graphical Pyaar

Now we have seen whole lotta perspectives of love in Hindi cinema lyrics on this blog. So in that spirit try to decode the lyrics:

Prize: Sunny Paji ke dumb-bells
Note: Comments have been moderated so all comments with announcement of prize would be disclosed after a day.

Here’s the MATLAB code for the same.

x = [0:0.01:(pi/2)-0.01];
y = 1 + tan(x)+2*x;
ylabel(‘Pyaar –>’,’FontWeight’,’bold’);
xlabel(‘Time –>’,’FontWeight’,’bold’);
title(‘Graph-ical Pyaar!’,’FontWeight’,’bold’);
set(gca, ‘XTick’,[0:0], ‘XTickLabel’,[]);
set(gca, ‘YTick’,[0:0], ‘XTickLabel’,[]);
text(a, 1 + tan(a)+2*a, ‘Limit’,’HorizontalAlignment’,’right’,’VerticalAlignment’,’bottom’);

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