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Only If

If people like the literary olden giants were around in this era they would have not resorted to quill and paper to impress their grand vision upon us. Libertarian writer Octave Mirbeau would have made a steaming erotica instead of writing “Diary of a chambermaid“. Luis Buñuel made an adaptation highlighting sexual hypocrisy and fascism. But wait … haven’t French chambermaids been transmogrified to a recurrent theme in today’s porn? Move over…

Marquis de Sade, from whose name sadism is derived, would not have written “The 120 days of Sodom, or the School of Libertinism“. Instead of the novel he would have created a reality show with celebrity judges as the four libertines. Sade’s work would have been complimented well with voyeuristic elements of today’s reality shows. Subjecting participants to dehumanizing setups would have matched well but where would you get the vicarious pleasures offered by the erotic retelling of the four prostitutes? I am sure show hosts might add something to this. Note: If such a show were to be brought in India it surely would have to be veneered with a veil of higher service, like “Sach ka Samna” is not about public embarrassment and pleasure people derive out of watching dirty linen being washed in public but about facing truth. Something like “Emotional Atyachar”, an unabashed peeping tom’s delight, claims about testing your partner’s loyalty before moving further in relationship. But wait a game show needs a winner you might ask. Well, well, well the winner would be someone like Julie from the novel who survives the ordeal after becoming sort of a libertine herself.

No second guessing about this one, Anne Frank would have had a secret blog. Discovery of which would have filled public media with age old issues like old media vs Web 2.0 hammered once again. Tautological, hackneyed insights splashed across blogs and worthless FaecesBook communities being populated would have followed. Twitterverse would be abuzz with tweets of satirical Hitler videos doing the rounds in YouTube, the same, done to death, clip of Hitler discovering his imminent defeat in the movie Der Untergang (Downfall) added with supposedly funny English subtitles.

Dante Alighieri (no he is not from AMU) would have made an adventure series, something like Lost, instead of writing Inferno. Well do you think he would stop at Paradiso? Vote karne ke liye SMS karen 666 pe (to vote SMS at 666).

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